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Piano tuning and all piano related work by experienced professional


Piano Tuning

Generally, it's not the playing of a piano that causes it to go out of tune. 

Changes in the environments temperature and humidity, causes the wood of the soundboard to expand and contract, which in turn throws your piano out of tune.

To keep your instrument and investment in top shape, it's recommended to have preventative piano maintenance at least twice yearly.

The services offered are Piano Tuning, Repairs, Regulation, Voicing, Valuations and other piano related work.

I am a fully qualified and experienced professional piano technician and have originally been trained as a classical pianist. I am also a piano teacher with many years of experience and therefore understands why it's important for you to enjoy playing your piano.

Engaging my services, you can be confident that your piano will always be in an excellent condition.




Tuning a Grand Piano