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Piano Lessons for Adults

Trained as a classical pianist, I am a tutor with many years of teaching experience.

Having two children of my own, I know what is needed to maintain a young students focus whilst providing a fun and engaging learning experience.

I hold a Diploma in Piano Music from the Tokyo Conservatorium of Music and have over 25 years of teaching experience for classical and contemporary piano music in Sydney and Tokyo.

Adults Lessons:

Where do you teach?

Lessons are provided either at my studio in Lane Cove (you visit me)
or at your home (I visit you if you live within the Home Visit Area)

Are beginners welcome?

yes - any level of experience is acceptable

What kind of piano do I need?

Any piano will do - even a 64 key practice keyboard

How long are lessons for adults?

Normally 30 minutes - Longer Lessons are available upon request

How often do I need lessons?

Normally I recommend once per week, but before exams or concerts additional lessons might be appropriate

How many lessons do they need to have basic skills?

This depends largely on your talent, ability to focus and how much you practice.

How much does it cost?

Single lessons cost $30.00 - Full Semester Courses are available upon request








Lessons for all age piano students.